LPC Brazil Mission Trip

LPC’s growing relationship with Igreja Presbiteriana no Jardim America in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is a mission partnership that embodies our understanding of mission to the world with  a particularly rich possibility in “Shoulder-to-Shoulder, Face-to-Face” work with brother ans sister Christians.

IPJA is a growing congregation with stable leadership (Pastor Michael has been at the church for over three years and the majority of the elders for 15 years or more). The church has a passion for bringing the gospel to its community in both word and deed. EBF (Vacation Bible School), Herdeiros do Reino (Heirs of the Kingdom), and Escola de Musica are current and strong examples. The lack of activities for favela children and the Brazilian love of music represent needs to be met and an opportunity to share the gospel. Using the assets of the congregation, these programs are strong and growing; in fact, growing to the point that IPJA’s internal assets are being stretched.

Brazilians are typically described as warm and open people, and they are. Friendships matter. Specifically, the people of IPJA know that the call of Christ is a relational call – a call to know and love Jesus and a call to know and love one another. They thrive on friendships, and especially Kingdom friendships. In a missional partnership, they consistently demonstrate a preference for friendship over financial aid.

In ways not possible with our other mission partners, a partnership between LPC and IPJA offers the possibility of deep and abiding relationships with our mission partners and those to whom we might bring both word and deed.

This coming July, an LPC team will travel to Brazil members of IPJA in leading and serving the children of the favela through EBF. This team will provide arms and legs and smiles and hugs for the program of music, Bible stories, crafts, games and snacks. Perhaps most importantly, team members will work side by side with Brazilian counterparts, stay in their homes, worship, study the Bible, and relax with them.  This experience of cross-cultural relationship within the Body of Christ is life-changing for all involved and particularly life and faith affirming for our Brazilian friends.

Please keep this team in your prayers.