LPC Alternative Gift Program, Christmas 2017


Langhorne Presbyterian Church

Christmas 2017

LPC’s Mission Committee offers donors an opportunity to help change the world through charitable gifts to carefully selected agencies serving at home and around the world in the name of Christ. A gift from the AGP may be the perfect way to honor friends, colleagues, and loved ones.


Scroll thorugh these gift ideas and then download load an AGP Order Form here.

Fill out an order form for each person you are honoring with your gift(s). Enclose a check with the total amount made payable to “Langhorne Presbyterian Church” in an envelope/pew envelope. Place your order in the Sunday morning offering plate or mail to the church office.

When you purchase an alternative gift you will receive a unique greeting card. This card with an insert which describes the gift you have chosen can be mailed or given to the person you have honored, creating a shared blessing for you, the person honored and the recipient.

Your gifts will change the world! They are gifts of hope and love, empowering the poorest of the poor to sustain life and build a better future for subsequent generations.

I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty
and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and
you gave me a room. –Matthew 25:35

gift-of-educationThe Gift of Education

Hunting Park Christian Academy (HPCA) provides quality Christian education to at‐risk children from low income families in the Hunting Park community. Since most of the students are not raised in Christian homes, the staff strives to train them up in the ways of the Lord. Many of the students have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time at HPCA and have come to know the Lord. Your $50 gift can be designated to the school’s General Fund or their Scholarship Fund.

The Gift of Sightgift-of-sight

“In Africa life expectancy is about five years if you go blind. It is a death sentence. Life is tough when you are blind in Africa. 75%-80% of blindness is treatable or totally reversible.”  Dr. John Cropsey.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in Africa. A fifteen minute procedure restores sight to those blinded by cataracts.  Kibuye is also pioneering the use of chemotherapy to treat pediatric eye cancer.  Its program is the first in Burundi to offer such treatment.

Your gift of $50 will provide for one cataract surgery or half of the cost of a round of chemotherapy for a child suffering eye cancer at Kibuye Eye Clinic in Burundi, East Africa.

gift-of-good-newsThe Gift of Good News

LIFE ABUNDANT MINSTRIES: Through its work at the Bucks Country Jail, Life Abundant strives to break the cycle of repeated imprisonment by introducing inmates, ex‐offenders and their families to Jesus Christ. Through God’s love and grace inmates overcome their addictions or other problems that were the cause of their repeated incarceration. Life Abundant volunteers create relationships with inmates through Bible Studies. A Bible is an essential part of any new Christian’s growth. $10 will provide a New Life Study Bible to an inmate eager to read the word of God.
A gift of $25 will provide three inmates or ex-offenders with a new Bible.

gift-of-musicThe Gift of Music

Music is everywhere in the slums of urban Brazil. But it’s more than boom boxes and ear buds. Brazilians love to make music. Through its Escola de Musica, the Presbyterian Church in Jardim America, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, provides an opportunity for the people of its impoverished neighborhood to learn to play the guitar, keyboard, or drums. Students not only learn the joy of music, they hear about the God who puts music in our hearts. Most students receive scholarships.

A $25 gift to the Scholarship Fund will help those students continue to learn to play an instrument and about the God who love them.

gift-of-careThe Gift of Care

GAiN CAREPACKS OR SEEDPACKS: You have the opportunity to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope by providing school supply CarePacks or vegetable SeedPacks to people in the toughest places on earth. When children receive CarePacks, their hope for a better future increases. Not only do these children have an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty, but a career that makes a positive impact on their lives could eventually be within their grasp. In areas where food shortages persist, GAiN provides children and their families with a sustainable food source — a variety of vegetable seed packs.Your gift of $15 will supply a CarePack or a SeedPack and the opportunity to hear the gospel

Boot Out Infections


This initiative recognizes the problem of kids walking through the puddles and floods of the rainy season with inadequate footwear. As trash, mud, and even sewage flow down the streets, kids march through with old, torn, and non-waterproof sneakers and shoes. This results not only in colds and illnesses, but also foot and toenail infections.

You can show you care by providing a pair of boots to a needy child for $10.

suitcaseAdopt a Suitcase

Every year as the “Away Team” prepares to make the journey to Guatemala, each team member fills a suitcase with 50 lbs. of essential mission goods. Some suitcases are filled with pharmaceutical products that will be used in the medical clinic to treat those seen by the doctors in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Others may hold toothbrushes, donated shoes, children’s ministry supplies, and more.

The airline charges a $50 baggage handling fee. Here is where your alternative gift will help. If you donate $50 to the Adopt‐a‐Suitcase program, you will help defray the cost of transporting one suitcase full of medicine or other essential supplies to Guatemala.