Hunting Park Christian School



About Hunting Park Christian Academy

Approximately five years ago Hunting Park Christian Academy (HPCA) was selected as one of the Langhorne Presbyterian Church’s focus missions. This Christian school is located in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia where the high school drop-out rate is 53% and only 3.3% of the community members have a college degree. In addition, this area of Philadelphia has the highest rate of domestic violence in the City of Philadelphia, and the third highest rate of murders. Drugs and prostitution have taken over the neighborhood, making it unsafe for children. There is also a great spiritual need in the community. In this setting, HPCA was established in 1999, with a beginning enrollment of 70 students. The school has now grown to over 200 students, with over 100 potential students on the waiting list.

The goal of HPCA is to raise up Christian young people who excel in all areas of their lives. HPCA is an evangelistic outreach. All of the staff members are required to be Christian with a heart for the Lord and the community. The students, however, are not required to be Christian. The school is reaching out to the underprivileged in the community. 80% of the families of the students are low-income and more than half of the students are raised in single-parent homes. View the HPCA school video clip to learn more about HPCA,.

Our Partnership with HPCA

Langhorne Presbyterian Church (LPC) has partnered with HPCA to support their evangelistic Christian outreach to the local community. This is a “Judea” mission of LPC. Some of the ways that LPC is currently supporting HPCA includes:

• Praying for the administrators, teachers and students at HPCA. Here is the January 2018 Prayer Letter.
• Providing financial and material support for the HPCA academic programs. For the past two years the congregation of LPC has donated over $1500 worth of school supplies at the beginning of each academic year.
• Supporting the HPCA tuition assistance program.
• Improving the school library collection with new and gently used books.
• Scheduling periodic work days at HPCA to help with the maintenance of the building.
• Tutoring of students by a member of the LPC congregation
• Assisting on the annual HPCA “Race for Education” held each spring.
• Collection of used printer ink or toner cartridges to be redeemed by HPCA for school supplies.

HPCA operates on a minimal budget, but has a tremendous impact on the Hunting Park community. If you would like more information about HPCA, please visit the HPCA web site. For additional information on current LPC mission opportunities with HPCA, and how you can help support HPCA, please click here.


Here is more on the HPCA’s first day of school 2017.