Mission Projects

At LPC it is our goal to have every member of the congregation to be involved in a Ministry and a Mission. Mission involvement includes both the “home team” and the “away team.” For more information contact the church office. For our current mission opportunities, and how you can participate in them, click here.

Through financial gifts and personal involvement, we support a wide variety of individuals, families and organizations, including:

Promised Land Ministries – Guatemala : PLM’s vision is to assist local and native churches, to reach the lost,to bring relief to the less fortunate and to provide food and education for children. “Go into all the entire world and preach the Gospel to all the creatures”. Mark 16:15

PLM exists to bring the Gospel to all. PLM is committed to working with local churches to reach the lost in their Spring of Hope Missioncommunities within their context. They assist pastors and leaders through training and also provide resources to build up the people.. They believe that children are the future of any nation, so they develop centers where children are being fed and also educated in order to become better citizens with the word of God in their hearts.. Through working together, staff, mission teams and individuals, they meet the needs of the less fortunate in a practical way. Read more about LPC’s Guatemala mission project.

Hunting Park Christian Academy : HPCA provides quality, Christian education to at-risk children from low-income families. HPCA maintains a very low tuition with a good scholarship program so that Christian education can be accessible to the poor in the Hunting Park community. They have tutoring for students who enter HPCA studentsthe school behind their grade level. The students have made great progress academically since implementing the Foundations and Frame works material into the overall HPCA curriculum in 2006. Since most of the students are not raised in Christian homes, they do all they can to train them up in the ways of the Lord. Many of the students have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time at HPCA and have come to know the Lord. Some students have been influential in bringing their parents to church. Learn more about the LPC partnership with HPCA.

Please pray for the faculty and students at HPCA. Please visit the HPCA February 2018 Prayer Letter.

CropseyDr. John Cropsey – . Dr. John is a missionary ophthalmologist with Hope Africa University and Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi, East Africa. You can lean more about his mission and work at the new Kibuye Hope Hospital Eye Unit and Dr. Cropsey and his family here.

Christ’s Home  is a Christian organization that serves needy or neglected children and youth by providing a stable, caring home built upon biblical principles while meeting their educational, medical, emotional and social needs. The staff cares for children from birth to fifteen years of age who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment in their family. The children are taught to believe in their future while dealing with the trauma of their past and they are shown that God can couse good to come out of every circumstance.

Bucks County Housing Group A private, non-profit social service organization that provides a wide range of housing and related social services to homeless and low-income families. Its primary goal is to assist families attain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

GAiN Global Aid Network is a multi-national network of ministries serving to demonstrate the love of God, through word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects. As the humanitarian aid arm of Campus Crusade for Christ, GAIN spans the globe helping to meet physical needs in areas of poverty and despair and providing hope through evangelistic outreach.

Life Abundant, Inc. is a prison ministry focused on the inmates of the Bucks County Correctional Facility and their families. LAM strives to break the cycle of repeated imprisonment by introducing inmates, ex-offenders and their families to Jesus Christ. Through God’s love and grace inmates overcome their addictions or other problems that were the cause of their repeated incarceration. As inmates, ex-offenders and their families develop Christian principles in their lives as they become productive members of our society.

Medical Benevolence Foundation – For over forty years, the Medical Benevolence Foundation(MBF) has worked to provide hope and healing to those most in need.Working with our international church partners, MBF supports healing ministries in more than 100 hospitals and clinics throughout the world.MBF partners with PCUSA congregations and mission agencies to provide medical supplies and personnel for both long-term and short term missions.

Coalition for Christian Outreach – The Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) is a college campus based Christian ministry. The CCO’s mission is “transforming college students to transform the world.” The CCO calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives.

Horizons International Ministry to Muslims – The mission of Horizons International is to fulfill the Great Commission by ministering to local and international students and by ministering to Muslims globally through evangelism.
Horizons International exists to communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to all people, so that the world would be transformed by God’s love and forgiveness. The ministry involves charity and community development that benefits orphans, widows, and impoverished communities. Since spiritual issues are at the core of human suffering, the primary focus is evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

Aid for Friends – Aid for Friends’ mission is to serve needy, isolated shut-ins,primarily the frail elderly, with free daily home-cooked meals delivered weekly by volunteer visitors. The goal is to help our homebound “client/friends” maintain their cherished independence and to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and enhance their quality of life. LPC people help prepare Aid for Friends meals as part of the ministry our deacon board.