Just what is stewardship?

Carefully and responsibly managing that which God has entrusted to our care for His glory.

We are the managers of God’s resources. Throughout, Scripture emphasizes God’s ownership of EVERYTHING.

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it; (Psalm 24:1)

We are called to give our time, talent, and our treasures to grow His Kingdom.

What is a stewardship pledge?

A stewardship pledge is a commitment, made after deliberate and prayerful consideration, to contribute a specific amount of money for God’s mission and ministry at your local church. It is a reflection of your gratitude for God’s abundant grace in your life. It is a spiritual discipline. It is challenging. It is rewarding Pledging enables LPC to budget for the coming year. We pray that all households will practice this spiritual discipline and make a stewardship pledge.

What is a tithe?

The biblical principle of giving 10 percent of your income to the church. Some take a leap of faith, and begin to tithe immediately; others grow into this discipline, beginning with a smaller percent and growing a percent or two each year, until they reach a “tithe.” Many givers give more than 10% of their income to God’s mission and ministry.

I am not able to tithe, is there a minimum amount I have to pledge?

No, all gifts, great and small are gratefully received at Langhorne Presbyterian Church.

What if I really can’t give financially?

You are still a vital part of our church family. Don’t let the lack of financial giving serve as a barrier to your participation in the life of Langhorne Presbyterian Church. Gifts of your time and talent(s) are also important expressions of stewardship.

What is a good way to figure out how much I should plege?

Begin by praying. Ask God for guidance. Traditionally, we’ve been taught to tithe, or give 10% of our income to the church. We encourage you to begin the spiritual practice of setting aside a portion of your income, up front, and regularly (weekly, monthly…) contributing the amount God has put on your heart – $5.00, $50.00 or $500.00 at a regular interval.

Is the amount I pledge kept confidential?

Yes. Your pledge, and our giving records, are kept confidential. Only the office manager and the treasurer are aware of the amount of an individual’s pledge. Your pledge is a commitment – made to God – not a legal contract.

How can I pay my pledge?

All those who make a pledge, and those who give regularly will receive giving envelopes, mailed to their home address. We accept checks (made payable to Langhorne Presbyterian Church), cash, and securities You can add Langhorne Presbyterian Church as a payee in your bank’s online bill pay feature. Please contact the Church Treasurer or Bookkeeper for instructions relative to donation of securities. We do not accept Credit Card payments.

Are my financial contributions tax deductible?

Yes, at this time, your financial contributions are federally tax deductible, as allowable by federal and state law. You will receive quarterly financial statements from the Church office. At year-end, you will receive a statement detailing your tax deductible contributions for the calendar year. You will want to save that for your income tax purposes.

What if I pledge and my circumstances change?

Your pledge to Langhorne Presbyterian Church is a commitment, not a legal contract. It’s your intention of giving for the year. If there is a change in your financial circumstances that affects your pledge, please notify the church office. Your pledge can be revised.

How can I submit my pledge?

Complete a pledge card, drop it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office.

I want to learn more about stewardship, what can I do?

Talk to the Pastor and he will direct you to the Elder for Stewardship.

The Bible has plenty to say about money…..

God Owns it All Our Responsibility My Response to God’s Calling Give Generously Avoid Debt
Psalm 24:1 Genesis 1:26-29 Colossians 3:17 Proverbs 11:24 Proverbs 21:20
Psalm 50:7, 10-11 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 1 Peter 4:10 Proverbs 19:17 Proverbs 22:7
Psalm 89:11 Matthew 25:14-30 Psalm 116:12 Proverbs 21:13 Proverbs 22:26-27
1 Chronicles 29:11-12 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 2 Corinthians 9:7 Proverbs 22:9

And there are more verses…..

When we use what God has given us for His purposes, that’s Biblical stewardship!