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Please direct any questions to LPC secretary, Sally Schulze at 215-752-3200

(Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 4:00)

30-hr famineADULTS NEEDED – 30 HOUR FAMINE NEXT WEEKEND:  Have you sponsored someone for the Famine? In addition, adult volunteers are needed to make this World Vision outreach event a success. Please take the time to check the adult sign-up sheet in the Narthex to assist with the 30 Hour Famine, February 24th – 25th.  If you are not available on those dates, donations and assistance are also needed before the event. Additional information in the Narthex turnstile or contact Ed White.
 TIES THAT BIND: Do you like to knit or crochet? Since 2010 Ties that Bind has donated to hospitals and charities countless hats, preemie items, prayer shawls, blankets, and more, many by beginners who had never knitted or crocheted before. Come enjoy fellowship, prayer, and handwork. The group meets in Rooms D & E from 7:00-8:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month. Ginny Aikens can tell you more about the group.
food pantry logo 2WHERE’S THE MAC ‘N CHEESE?: Make your contributions to the LPC Pantry timely by providing items needed the most: cereal, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, bags of white rice, Spam, red kidney beans, and 16 oz. or smaller jars of jelly. Don’t forget to check expiration dates.  There is a labeled blue container beneath the coat racks for LPC pantry donations. Thank you for your help in this ministry.
SAVE 2-LITER SODA BOTTLES:  We are in need of total of twenty 2-liter soda bottles by March 5th for an upcoming Sunday School rotation workshop.  Please let Kay Brown know if you are able to save some, and how many you will bring in.  Thank you!
MISSION OPPORTUNITY: BRAZIL 2017 – IS GOD CALLING YOU? LPC will send a team of our members to Brazil this summer for a time of alongside mission work and relational encouragement with our sister congregation in Belo Horizonte.

Dates:   July 17-26

Where:  Belo Horizonte, a city of 3.5 million in highlands of temperate Brazil

Who:     LPC members 18 years and older (older high school students traveling with parents may be considered).

What:  Work alongside our sister church members in their Vacation Bible School  ministry to the children of the nearby favela (slum). Live, learn, and share with members of the Brazilian church.

Cost:     Primarily travel-related expenses (currently around $1500 per person). LPC Mission Travel Grants may be available.

 More Information: See Pastor Bill or Becky Teague

COMING SOgrow_5127cON TO FAITH ACTS: Three brand new Faith Acts classes are coming up soon! Read the descriptions below and join us for one of these excellent opportunities for learning and fellowship. All three classes begin February 23rd. For more information, contact Marcos Ortega in the church office.

Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God – This course is designed to be an overview of prayer.  It covers the need for prayer, developing an understanding of prayer and provides a practical plan for the daily practice of prayer.  The ultimate goal of the course is to give guidance in how to make prayer genuinely meaningful as a way to experience God. Led by Casey Huckel in Room 6

Ecclesiastes: Real Wisdom for Life Today– Join us for an in-depth look at the often neglected and misunderstood book of Ecclesiastes.  As part of the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes explores the difficult questions that arise from life in this fallen world.  For Christians today, there is no more relevant book to look to when we are faced with the problems of injustice, uncertainty, and meaning in life. The book does not provide simple answers, but gives wisdom and advice to those who will heed it.  Led by Brian Luther in the Chapel

From Bible Stories to The Bible’s Story – Most Christians know dozens of Bible stories and many participate in personal or small group Bible studies focusing on specific passages of Scripture or individual books of the Bible.  But how often do we consider how each of these “parts” of the Bible fit into the whole?  This class will look at the “big story” of the Bible.  Sixty-six books, written by more than 40 individuals, over the course of 2000 years, and yet one unified, God-breathed story—of Jesus Christ and the salvation God offers through him. Led by Don Reimold in the Library

CHURCH PICTORIAL DIRECTORY:  Where in the world is the directory????  The question lingers…Due to some delays for which I take responsibility, and some miscommunication with LifeTouch we are still waiting. LifeTouch has indicated that the completed directory is projected to ship to LPC by the end of February. Thank you to the volunteers that helped in the beginning stages of creating the directory pages. Your help was invaluable! While our patience is running thin, please be assured our directories will be on their way soon. Apologies for the delay! In Christ, Kay Brown
snow shovelingARE WE HAVING CHURCH? Occasionally winter weather plays havoc with our Sunday schedule. Should you be uncertain about whether to head out to worship some snowy Sunday please: Use your own best judgment. You know the street conditions outside your house and your comfort level with driving in snow and slush. Don’t venture out if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Watch the television or internet for warnings of unsafe conditions. Don’t venture out if the authorities have asked us to stay at home. Check or your email. We will do our best to put an announcement on the homepage and send an email letting you know if we have plans to cancel worship.