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Church Officers

From the Form of Government, EPC: 

According to Scripture, those who bear office in the Church should exhibit certain characteristics of life. This includes being above reproach, sound in the faith, wise in the things of God, and discreet in all things. Persons who fill this office should exhibit a lifestyle that is an example to all, both in and outside the Church. As the law of love places certain duties upon each Christian, Church Officers are especially bound by their calling to fulfill them and to be an example to all. Those that fill these offices should be mature in the faith, should be people of wisdom and discretion, and should have adequate training to equip them for their calling.

Please use the links to the left to download or view those sections of the LPC Church Handbook you will need to fulfill your responsibilities as a church officer or staff member. Printed copies of all documents are available from the church office upon request. Click file Title to download documents (PDF):





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