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Staff and Leaders

Meet the staff who serve at LPC

Additional Staff

  • Holly Waterson, Director of Music Ministries

  • Michelle Wiatrowski, Pianist

  • Kyle Duke, Pianist/Organist

  • Mariah McDade, Office Administrator

  • Sandy Heuckroth, Office Assistant

  • Jon Snyder, Bookkeeper

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  • Norma Brown – Chair, Children’s Ministry Committee
  • Carol Casten – Congregational Life Committee
  • Jay Ferraro – Chair, Administration and Stewardship Committee
  • Joe Franzi - Administration and Stewardship Committee
  • Alex Jacoski – Chair, Congregational Life Committee
  • Doug Jenkins – Chair, Worship Committee; Chair, Congregational Nominating Committee
  • Brian Jennings – Mission Committee
  • Bill Patterson – Discipleship Committee
  • Don Reimold – Chair, Discipleship Committee
  • Dave Schaebler - Mission Committee
  • Dick Stover – Clerk of Session, Administration and Stewardship Committee
  • Bob Taylor – Chair, Youth Committee