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Faith Acts: Being the Church

September 08, 2019
By Administrator

We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. –  The Nicene Creed

The notes of the true Kirk, therefore, we believe, confess, and avow to be: first, the true preaching of the Word of God, in which God has revealed himself to us, as the writings of the prophets and apostles declare; secondly, the right administration of the sacraments of Christ Jesus, with which must be associated the Word and promise of God to seal and confirm them in our hearts; and lastly, ecclesiastical discipline uprightly ministered, as God’s Word prescribes, whereby vice is repressed and virtue nourished. Then wherever these notes are seen and continue for any time, be the number complete or not, there, beyond any doubt, is the true Kirk of Christ, who, according to his promise, is in its midst. – The Scots Confession

Our 2019-2020 Faith Acts Adult Experience will be an exploration of what it means to be the church using Biblical, confessional, and missional sources to understand more about the rich meaning of the church in God’s plan for human history and to apply that understanding to our life together at LPC and in the world of the 21st Century.

Each chapel session will begin with a short time of worship including the reading of a Psalm, singing of songs or spiritual songs, and then a presentation on a particular “Being the Church” topic by one of the members of our teaching team.  Typically, we will end our time with breakout group discussion on the topic presented. 

Our leaders will include Dr. Gary Schnittjer, Dr. Brian Luther, Tyler Stanhope, Casey Huckel, and Bill Teague