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Genesis: Issues for Today

December 24, 2018
By Administrator

Beginning January 3!

Dr. Brian Luther, an LPC member and Associate Professor of Old Testament at Cairn University, will teach this early winter Adult Bible Study as part of our Faith Acts program.

Brian writes, "The book of Genesis is more than the history of how the world began - it is a book that raises significant issues for our Christian lives today.  It addresses the issues of human origins, human relationships, our place in God's creation, and many more. Genesis introduces the story of our relationship with God.  It tells us how that relationship began and shows us what God is doing to restore what we have broken.  Come to this class to  see how the book of Genesis can help us think biblically about these important issues."

Faith Acts begins with dinner served from 5:15.  Classes for adults, children choirs and activities, and Youth Group all begin at 6:15