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Guatemala Mission Prayer Guide

January 21, 2019
By Administrator

Our 2019 Guatemala Mission “Away” Team leaves for their week of service on the shores of Lake Atitlan on Saturday, January 26. They return home on Saturday, February 2.  Our 14 North American team members will be joined by four members of our sister church in Brazil, making this a truly international International Mission Trip. 

Away Team members will come alongside our Guatemalan partners as they serve in medical clinics, help construct simple homes, and provide children with games, grafts, and activities.

Members of the “Home” Team are critical to the success of Mission Trip.  In addition to financial, supply, and relational support offered at each step of preparing for the trip, Home Team members are asked to pray for the Away team during their time in Guatemala and as they travel to and from Central America.

A Prayer Guide has been prepared to help Home Team members as they pray for the Away Team. 

Thank you for your prayers!