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Kibuye Hope - John Cropsey

LPC's Mission Partners include John and Jessica Cropsey and the Kibuye Hope medical team in Burundi, East Africa.  Dr. John is a missionary ophthalmologist and leader of the team in Burundi. Here is a brief look at the place and the people served by the team.

Members of the team regularly post to their blog, which covers a wide range of topics reflecting the experiences of the doctors, spouses and families living at Kibuye Hope. All the posts are written from a Christian perspective, some are challenging, some are heartbreaking, some are funny, all of them provide a window into this mission even from thousands of miles away. 

McCropders BLOG - Word and Deed

LPC supports Dr. Cropsey and Kibuye Hope through the mission budget, special gifts filling specific needs such as medical equipment, and in-kind help such as the teacher boxes full of school supplies sent to the nearby government school. Read more about the teacher boxes.

The team's vision since the beginning describes a project LPC is privileged to support:

Our 30-year strategic plan envisions this place becoming a national center of medical care and education, expanding to over 300 beds, including surgical, intensive care, emergency, opthalmology, community health, and NICU services.